The past year since opening the studio feels both much longer and much shorter than just a year. I remember the first week getting all the renovations done. The first class and suddenly not being able to teach because of the emotional build up of finally opening my own studio. The “grand opening” and being blown away by the fantastic turn out. The absolute gratitude at the generosity of the clients and patients of the studio and how they were contributing to this new venture. The decision to take on an associate Biokineticist and the search for the right candidate. It all feels like a highlights reel flashing through my mind.

Associate Biokineticist, Chante Fourie, joined the studio in January with the intention of building her own Biokinetic Practice under the JJust Move banner while simultaneously training in the Classical Pilates method. With her passion for movement and working with people, dedication to her profession and a genuine thirst for knowledge, she has slotted into the studio seamlessly and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with her and have her as part of the team as we grow the studio and it goes from strength to strength. 

The COVID-19 Pandemic has certainly contributed to bringing challenges to the health and fitness industry and as a result, we have had to become creative in our adaptations in order to stay current and accessible. Some of these changes we will be taking forward into ‘the new normal’.

The studio has been setup for online sessions complete with movable TV screen and microphone, thanks to the Sonic Factory. This means that live Pilates and Yoga classes are available online and, in future, clients can choose to be in the studio or participating remotely at home. It is our intention to start recording these sessions so that they can soon be made available on an online platform. There is, however, no substitute for in person sessions and it has been lovely to welcome clients back to the studio as the lock down levels are lifted.  

I always tell clients I will never give something in a session that a) I cannot do or b) I have not experienced myself. I particularly, write from the point of being someone whose strength and flexibility has grown and developed as an adult. Rather than growing up with the strength and flexibility usually associated with dancers or gymnasts, everything I am physically capable of, was achieved after the age of 25. I have had many amazing teachers along the way both in movement and general wellness. It is my hope and intention to create a space, both in the studio as well as online through social media posts, where some of the tips and insights gained over the years can be shared for the betterment and health of self, whatever that journey may be.

“He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything”

Arabian proverb.

Here’s to the movement forward into strength, flexibility, stability, mobility and health. 

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