Having my own studio is a dream that I have had and put to sleep several times over the last 10 years. It is a big, scary move which I have never quite had the courage to make. Even this time around, it took a long time of looking for a suitable alternative to rent before managing to muster up all my courage to take the plunge and open my own studio!

Montage of photographs of Justine Johnson: smiling at camera, in various pilates poses, plus a yoga meditation pose

It was a terrifying decision and I still have moments of panic at the magnitude of the undertaking as it starts to build up and take off. But, like with anything that feels like it is meant to be, once the decision was made, all the pieces fell into place easily. Securing the lease at an affordable price was painless. Securing the financing to use as working capital was as easy as it was a blessing. The designer for the logo and website was an obvious choice and his work has been nothing short of exceptional and exactly what I was hoping and looking for! Not that I wasn’t anxious and stressed about all these things anyway. But the ease with which all of these aspects have fallen into place has certainly been reassuring and, I feel, bodes well for the future of this new venture.

The studio is a pilates and yoga studio based on the understanding of the human body from a biokinetic perspective. I feel the logo depicts this so beautifully, as it was designed to show movement using concentric circles. Rather than movement from point a to point b as with running, the circles show movement outwards from a stable anchor point and then return there – as with yoga and pilates. The circles also allude to the slightly more holistic nature of yoga in particular, as yoga focuses on body, breath and mind and the union which can exist between these.

My vision for the studio is to attract people from all walks of life – young or old, injured or competing, fit and active or at the beginning of a health and fitness journey – who want to understand and improve the movement of their own bodies. This could take the form of weekly pilates and yoga classes offered in the studio to “get the body moving” or pilates/yoga sessions to complement a chosen hobby such as running. At the end of the day, movement is life. And the most important part of understanding movement, is making sure the movement happens… Hence JJust Move. So here is to JJust Moving with you and all who come across these pages and studio.

What a journey it is going to be!

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